aluguer de fraques

Tail coats, Tuxedos, Men's wedding suits

Vestidos de noiva, Vestidos de cerimonia,

Fatos de noivo, Casacas, Acessoriós.

aluguer de fraques, smokings vestidos de noiva, acessórios de noiva Fraques, fatos para Meninos, Vestidos para Meninas

The lease is made for a period of four days.

How to rent:

1. Visit a store.

2. Measure up suit, after fitting; client should pay 50% of price, for reserving .

3. The other 50% client pay on day of take away.

Enjoy your event.

4. Return you suit the next business day.

Prices: We make discounts for groups.

 Price for a period of two-four days.

Tuxedo - 80  tuxedo with white shirt, cummerbund, bow tie(including dry-cleaning and hem pants )

Tail coats (long suit for day) , wedding suit or morning suit- 100 € - jacket, pants, waistcoat (including dry-cleaning and hem pants ).



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